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Design Tool Help

Your customers can use amazing text features to create their own slogans and one-liners. Admin can allow functionalities like curved Text, Text Shadows, Multiple Color for Texts, Text Outline and other effects to create designer text styles.

Advance Product Designer package includes an vast clipart library of 10000+ items to help your customers design anything they want for their chosen t-shirts. You can also add your own cliparts and categorize them under multiple heads. Customers can also give different effects to cliparts and make them more attractive.

If text and clipart can’t get the work done, your customers can also upload images to give a personal touch to their designs. Customers can not only upload image but also give them special effects like masking effect to get the desired creative output.

You can let customers customize all sides of the t-shirt or restrict them to only one side depending on your printing capability and cost considerations. You can determine this from backend settings.

Enable google fonts in your design tool which will let customers choose texts from all google supported fonts. Admin can also upload any ttf format font which can be used by customers to add text to their designs.

You can add multiple design areas to a single product side. So customer can combine multiple design areas to create rich and creative graphics. Allow your customers to have better control over their designs.

A range of masking effects can be added to the design studio which will help customers to mask their images and cliparts to give them enthralling look. Customer will also get effects like grayscale, sepia, sepia 2 & Invert for creating a range of effects.

Provide multiple design options to your customers to choose from with the template module. As admin, you can add multiple pre-defined templates in the design tool and let customers choose one from the list of available templates.