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Environmental responsibility

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When you purchase printed products from DPRINT, you are letting us know that you share our desire to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. Your products are produced in a green facility, which means we completed the extensive application process with the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) and were among the first of Florida’s printers to achieve certification. We recycle many of the products we print, so if you’d like some ideas on how you can recycle on your end, let us know by email to

Our Sustainability Policy

The triple goals of our sustainability policy are…

To protect and preserve the environment,
To enhance our competitive advantages today, and
Promote opportunity, equity and improved quality of life for our people.

  1. We commit to complying with all applicable environmental health and safety requirements at the local, state, and federal level
  2. We commit to comply with all local, state and federal labor laws
  3. We commit to be a responsible steward of our environmental resources and a leader in our community to promote collaborative and productive partnerships that support resource conservation
  4. We commit to continuous improvement of our operations by applying lean manufacturing principles to  sustain our success through productivity and efficiency
  5. We commit to the prevention of pollution by following the general tenets of reduce, re-use, recycle in the following specific ways:
    • We will assume responsibility for the products entire life cycle by incrementally adding green product lines, using recycled substrates, and providing end-of-life recycling options
    • We will, as a company and individuals, reduce our use of non-renewable energy
    • We will adopt best management practices, systems and technologies
    • We will be a partner at the community level in solving social and environmental problems by helping identify and facilitate adoption of green products, processes and clean technologies
  6. We commit to keeping our associates, customers, vendors, and the public informed about our sustainability activities on our web site or upon request.
  7. We will lead our industry at the state level, ensuring generations to come will inherit a healthy and vibrant Florida.