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DPRINT is a seventy-eight year-old 3 million dollar screen and digital printing company operating in three locations across Lakeland, Florida.

Product lines include Decals, Posters, Banners, Signs, Tags, Wraps, Facia (nameplates) and much more.

Kids Tag Art is a school fundraising project that inspires 5th grade art students to design their own specialty plate

It has helped raise over $300,000 in classroom art supplies for the schools.

What makes Placemaker tick is we're exclusive to independent businesses. This exclusivity means we can work together to delight customers in an unprecedented way.

Placemaker is the internet of small business. Our tools make the lives of business owners easier.

How are you managing the visitor experience to your facility? Do they know where to go, park, enter and navigate efficiently or are they getting frustrated?

Make it simple with wayfinding systems from DPRINT.

DPrint has made its mark on the propane industry by being first to market with the latest inks, materials, equipment, processes and products.

We take pride in offering our clients the best-in-market ready-ship markings for the propane industry.

Your brand tells everyone who you are and DPRINT offers you multiple opportunities to tell that story in a visual way.

Set the tone for your corporate space with a completely branded interior

Your reputation for excellent service and dining is made complete with a complementary interior ambience.

Define your atmosphere with menus, custom table covers, murals, gallery-wrapped canvasses, table tents and displays.

DPRINT carries everything you need to put on your event or exhibition including banners, floor graphics, signs, displays, table throws, retractable banners and much more.

You won't find it all in one place until you find DPRINT.

Your brand tells everyone who you are and DPRINT offers you multiple opportunities to tell that story in a visual way.

Take advantage of your fleet on the street to move your message with vehicle graphics and wraps from DPRINT.

Does your message show up when it counts? With signs of every variety and durability, DPRINT can help you Make your Mark everywhere.

We even have an app to give you ideas for marking venues with graphics, inside and out.

Dprint has designed and tested a large assortment of colorful vintage-look garden plant markers.

Mark your herbs, fruit trees and plants and summer/winter vegetables and make your garden even lovelier.

We hope you enjoy our Ready Ship Look Book.

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