Make your Mark with Transfermark lettered expressions

Let’s talk about why you you want wall lettering:

  • capture a memory, a favorite quote, an emotion, a value
  • decorate a space in a personal way
  • set the inspiration for yourself and your audience, whether at home or in the office
  • add a touch of color to a room
  • no-frills, easy installation without holes or wall damage
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Your mark is custom-built for YOU

We’ll make the size whatever you tell us. For best results, measure the destination space before designing or ordering.

YES, you can order just one.

Best of all, this wall graphic is fabricated by the professionals at DPRINT, so you don’t have to worry if your mark will last. The letters will be aligned and held together with a surface mask so that installation is a breeze. With care (see “caring for your mark”), you can expect color brilliance indoors for basically forever.

Installing your Transfermark

Not all wall graphics are equal. Some manufacturers use cheap materials, but sometimes a graphic will peel from your wall due solely to an unsuitable surface. Please follow our guidelines for preparing the destination surface so that you will love your wall lettering forever, and it will love the wall it hangs on so much that it will stay in place as long as you wish!

  • Drywall or wood: PAINT your SMOOTH destination surface with a high VOC paint and allow it to dry for 3 weeks prior to application. You can test for dryness by attempting to scratch the paint with your fingernail. No scratch? It’s dry.
  • Metal: No special preparation is required.
  • Plastic: Not recommended. Many plastics will out-gas and cause the lettering to bubble or release.
  • Cardboard or other papered surfaces: Clean only with a dry soft cloth and use low-tack tape for hinging and positioning.

Clean all destination surfaces (other than cardboard/paper) first with a tack cloth (to remove dust) and then with a clean cloth spritzed with denatured alcohol (to remove contaminants).

Use masking tape and a level to position your wall lettering in place.  Next, make a vertical hinge by applying a strip of masking tape vertically across the midpoint of your lettering. The tape should extend 4-6” away from the graphic on both top and bottom. Starting at the left, peel the material away from its paper liner all the way to the masking tape hinge. Cut away the liner. Begin at the hinge line, making overlapping vertical strokes with a squeegee all the way up to the left edge.  Remove the masking tape hinge and peel away the liner paper from the rest of the lettering.

Start at the hinge line again, making overlapping vertical strokes all the way to the right edge. Once applied, the paper mask on top of the lettering can be removed by peeling it back at about 120 degrees from the surface.

TIP: For best performance, do not cut the graphic on top of the wall and do not attempt to push the graphic into corners or over moldings. If you have questions, call the professionals at DPRINT before you get started.

Caring for your Transfermark

Clean your mark in the same method you clean the surrounding surface. That’s as easy as it gets.

Removing your Transfermark

When you’re ready for something new, it’s easy to remove the old lettering. Gently peel away each letter by starting at a top corner and pulling at an angle of at least 120 degrees. You can use a razor blade or exacto knife to lift the starting edge, but be very careful not to gouge the surface (or yourself!). Your lettering will remove cleanly with no residue or damage to the wall.

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