Make your Mark with 1-way window graphics

Let’s talk about why you need a 1-way window graphic:

  • large-scale storefront decor
  • attention-grabbing impact on the road
  • explosion of prospect interest
  • privacy*
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How’s this possible?

A large percentage of this graphic material is perforated with tiny holes (we recommend 50/50 for vehicles and 70/30 for storefronts). You can see out, but your prospects only see your message, not inside your store or vehicle. Because the 70/30 material has less holes, it will be more brilliant in color from the outside, but the visibility from inside to out will be less.

Your mark is custom-built for YOU

We’ll make the size whatever you tell us. If the destination surface size is larger than the available material, we’ll tile your mark into multiple pieces and allow for a ¼” seam overlap.

YES, you can order just one.

Best of all, this (specs) material is printed by the professionals at DPRINT, so you don’t have to worry if your mark will last. On vehicles, you can expect one (1) year of life; for storefronts you can expect two (2) years.

With care (see “caring for your mark”) and minimization to direct sun exposure, you can expect a longer life, and laminating with our optically clear laminate* also extends the life of the mark.

Installing your mark

Clean the destination surface with window cleaner or denatured alcohol. If you are applying your mark in several pieces, lay them all out and see how they fit together and also as a whole in the destination space (remember to allow for ¼” overlap of the seams if you have multiple pieces). Tape each piece in place, one at a time. Run a strip of masking tape horizontally along the middle of the piece you are applying.

Peel the material away from its paper liner all the way down to the masking tape hinge. Cut away the liner. Begin at the hinge line, making overlapping horizontal strokes with a squeegee all the way up to the top of the piece. Remove the masking tape hinge and begin peeling the liner paper from the hinge line. Just peel it down about 12”, letting it rest against the destination surface. This makes the downward application much easier!

Start at the hinge line again, making overlapping horizontal strokes all the way down to the peeled liner, then peel another 12” and keep applying until you reach the bottom of the piece. 

Congratulations! You’re a pro! If you experience any problems at all, just call the professionals at DPRINT.

Caring for your mark

Clean your mark with soapy water and wipe it dry with a clean, soft cloth. That’s as easy as it gets.

Removing your mark

When you’re ready for something new, it’s easy to remove the old adhesive with our RapidTac Decal Remover at the ready! Gently peel from a top corner, peeling the mark away from the surface at 180 degrees using a plastic putty knife or squeegee (all orders are shipped with a squeegee).  Important: please don’t use any implement that can damage the surface under the decal. Then, just follow the instructions at

Use a plastic putty knife or squeegee to remove the soft adhesive. Clean with glass cleaner or denatured alcohol to finish.

*Lamination affects visibility. Ask us if lamination is right for your product use.

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