Make your mark with wraps

Let’s talk about why you’ll want a wrap:

  • Maximize assets you already own and put them to work selling for you!
  • Promote your brand and message on corporate fleet/delivery vehicles
  • Create a moving message or a flamboyant “Look at me!” visual
  • Attract and connect outside of traditional media
  • Decorate and personalize boats, golf carts, airplanes, motorcycles
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Your mark is custom-built for YOU

Vehicles manufactured after 1993 are probably in our vehicle outline library, so chances are we have a design template for your ride. You can design your graphics here on

If we don’t have the template or you want us to design it, good measurements and quality photographs ensure the best price and the best result for ALL vehicle graphics. Here’s a list of the top things you need to do and know:

Take a picture of each side you intend to mark. Provide good quality digital photographs of the vehicle, taking care to make straight-on shots of each side that will receive graphics. The image should be totally within the picture frame.

If we have the outline already, take just two measurements: length (from front fender to rear taillight) and height (from bottom to top of one side). If we don’t have the outline, we’ll need a whole list of measurements:  Overall lengthDoor handlesWheel wellsLightsIndication of door seams (vertical)Indication of body seams (horizontal)

Wrap pricing is based entirely on square footage, so remember that you don’t have to wrap the whole vehicle to deliver your message. You can do half, ¾ or full wraps.

Best of all, wrap materials printed by the professionals at DPRINT means you don’t have to worry if your mark will last. You choose the durability appropriate for the application purpose, how much of the vehicle you want to cover and we’ll take it from there. PLEASE do not accept or assume that a cheaper price yields a product that will perform and last like you expect. It usually doesn’t. 
At DPRINT, our high value-to-price ratio means your expectations are met.  We guarantee it.

Installing your mark

We strongly recommend that you allow the professionals at DPRINT to install your wrap. We do not guarantee wraps that we do not install.

Caring for your mark

Your wrap will last for several years without fading when it is professionally printed and installed by the DPRINT team and maintained well by you. Use soap and water only to clean your wrap surfaces; avoid harsh chemicals and solvents.
We can patch wraps if your vehicle is in an accident, but remember that the color may not be exact depending on the age of the original wrap. 

Removing your mark

Your wrap can also be removed without vehicle damage unless we have notified you otherwise. Usually it’s as simple as peeling it off, but applying heat (such as with a blow dryer) can soften the adhesive and make removal a breeze. Find seams and start at the highest point, pulling downward slowly at a180 degree angle. If you need help, call us. We will remove the wrap for you at an additional charge. 

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