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Ask Away

1Is this all the same stuff that you had before on
Many of the products are the same but presented more thoroughly with simple questions to help you get to the best price. We have ADDED quite a few new products in DIY, home decor and hardware. We have ADDED a whole line of services. And, we have made it easy to ask for a custom quote.
2What's the best way to search for what I want?
Type in the name of what you are searching e.g. dog tags or business cards and you'll get right to it. The more specific you are the less results you will receive and the reverse is also true. Take care when searching ReadyShip items, though. Many of you are familiar with our original part numbers which started with a 2-digit page number. Now that these are also searchable labels, it is important to put in the full page number e.g. 05-C163 will return our HZ-116 label, but 5-C163 will return nothing.
3Do I have to create an account?
No, you can checkout as a guest. However, we recommend creating an account for order tracking purposes, among other features.
4Is there a limit on how many files I can upload?
Yes, in total MB. Our ceiling for an order is 30MB. No worries, just start a new order!
5What type of files do you accept for uploaded artwork?
PNG, JPG, EPS, PDF or native files in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. We recommend 300 dpi at 8 x 10 size.
6I don't get all the crazy pictures. What's up?
We are creative souls first. In fact, you may remember our long-time tagline "Can Do!". That goes back to our first owner, sign artist (and painter and illustrator) L.J. Douglass. Our second owner Tom Kaiser was a commercial artist by training, but also an effortless craftsman, painter, calligrapher and illustrator. Third owner Lisa Kaiser Hickey was a Fine Arts major and is an accomplished painter, illustrator, crafts enthusiast and graphic artist. She was the one who curated the photos and managed the overall design of our web site. Finally, our current CEO Lane Hickey-Wiggins was an art history major at Savannah School of Art & Design and an avid art-lover and problem solver.
7Why should I buy from DPRINT?
Oh, dispense with shoulds and oughts. There are too many in this world. Instead, buy where you find delight, value and a culture that makes you feel welcomed and appreciated. Know that we are innovators and creators who are driven to help you succeed. Understand that we love to make quality work that we can be proud of and that we know will last far longer than you'd imagine. Then decide.
8What is ReadyShip?
Our ReadyShip items are just that - sittin' on a shelf waiting for you to order them so we can ship them in 3 days or less. We sometimes refer to this finished product as "stock" items because that's exactly what they are - in stock. Broadly, our ReadyShip items are largely composed of regulatory markings for the LP Gas and Fertilizer industries. However, they now include most of the NASA shuttle mission decals and a new line of whimsical garden plantmarkers.
9What's Nettl?
Nettl is a collective of hundreds of printers who are collaborating on services, suppliers, resources and print management innovations. We are now part of this network as Nettl of Lakeland Metro dba as DPRINT, Nettl Partner. Our Nettl partnership has enabled us to broaden our products into fabric displays and commercial printing as well as message delivery systems through web, seo, web hosting, branding and listing/reputation management.
10I always admire what others are doing with innovative marketing but I don't know how/have the time. Help!
Check out our Idea Center, a collection of hundreds of creative blogs we've published over the last few years which will definitely kick-start your creative thinking. Need more? Don't ever hesitate to call us to pick our brains.