Make your Mark with magnets

Let’s talk about why you you’ll want a magnet:

  • display pride for family, kids, dogs, schools and churches, or, if inclined, annoy other motorists
  • grab attention of passing traffic in an amazingly affordable way- cover up old markings you haven’t had the
    time or knowledge to remove
  • promote your business without damaging your personal vehicle or your relationships with neighbors
  • hold stuff on your refrigerator (or any steel surface)- make a mark outdoors, rain or shine
  • give-away to promote your business and brand, either on-site at trade shows or as a stuffer for direct mail
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Your mark is custom-built for YOU

We’ll make the size whatever you tell us. For the best value, choose one of the sizes we offer.

YES, you can order just one, but if you’re in charge of the school promotion, please call us for quantity pricing.

YES, magnets can be cut to any shape you desire.

Best of all, our magnet materials are weather-resistant and printed by the professionals at DPRINT, so you don’t have to worry if your mark will last. You can choose the thickness (durability and cost rise with thickness). In general, .020 is sufficient for indoor uses but we recommend .030 for outdoor use.

With care (see “caring for your mark”), you can expect color brilliance basically forever if used indoors. For outdoor use, you can expect color brilliance up to ____years unlaminated.  Lamination will add ____ year to the life.

Using your mark

Magnets stick, and they stick well. They trap moisture and heat. Please DO NOT apply magnets to re-painted surfaces. Any painted surface should be air-dried for at least 90 days and any clear-coated surfaces for 60 days.

Put your magnet on a DRY, FLAT, ROOM-TEMPERATURE surface (best) or a slightly curved surface (okay) but never on a compound, hot or rough surface. It will fall off. We guarantee it.

If you don’t get it placed to your satisfaction, lift it off and re-position it. If you drag it away from the surface, you will probably drag it through debris and damage the application surface. Trust us on this one…LIFT it off.

You’ve purchased a high-quality mark, but we are pretty sure your application surface is more costly. Remember that magnets are for temporary use; extended use without regular removal and cleaning of both magnet and surface will cause damage. A magnet left un-attended (especially in the sun) may fuse to the application surface.

Caring for your mark

Clean your magnet AND the application surface with warm soapy water and wipe both dry with a clean, soft cloth. That’s as easy as it gets. If you want to use the magnet again, just store it FLAT indoors in a cool, dry space. Multiple magnets should be inter-leaved with heavy cardboard to prevent scratching and attaching to each other. It’s best not to stack any weight on top of magnets.

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